【Information】“Oita Food Fest 2023” will be held!

From September 30th to Friday, 13th October Join us and enjoy Oita of Kyushu, Japan!! “Oita Food Fest 2023” will be held at Isetan Scotts from Saturda […]

【Information from IGES】High Level Talks on City-to-City Collaborations towards Zero Carbon Kuala Lumpur

Aug 8th 2023 11:30-13:00 (JST) (10:30-12:00 MYT) Kuala Lumpur (KL) City, ahead of many cities in developing countries, declared their ambitious target […]

【Information】Registration Open For World Aquatics Masters Championships – Kyushu 2023!

This summer, the “World Aquatics Masters Championships – Kyushu 2023” will be held in 3 cities in Kyushu, namely Fukuoka City, Kumamoto City and Kagos […]