Conduct Local Administration Seminars with Foreign Governmental Organizations

Seminars and Exchange Sessions on Local Administration

With an aim to enhance cooperation and exchange in the area of local administration, J.CLAIR Singapore actively proposes organizing seminars and exchange sessions with local government officials and related parties in ASEAN countries, India as well as Sri Lanka These initiatives provide a platform for academics and practitioners of local governance from both sides to discuss best practices and exchange new insights on local administration.

Exchange Seminar at Universiti Brunei Darussalam
Seminar on Local Governments’ Best Practices at Universiti Utara Malaysia
Exchange Seminar at University of the Philippines
DLA-CLAIR-MIC Joint Hybrid Seminar on Tourism Promotion in Loccal Regions 2022
Online Exchange Seminars for University Students in ASEAN Countries
Indonesia-Japan Knowledge Exchange Seminar 2021
International Online Seminar held in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Indonesia
Local Administration Seminar with the Philippine Local Government Academy
The Vietnam-Japan Local Administration Seminar

Local Administration Seminars Organized by J.CLAIR Singapore

J.CLAIR Singapore plans and implements local administration seminars with cooperation from our counterparts in order to promote knowledge exchange on issues of particular concern, as well as support the development of local administrative systems in Japan and the respective host countries.

Seminars in FY2019

Country (City) Date Overview of Seminar
Indonesia (Jakarta) 31 July 2019 Speakers from local governments in Japan shared case studies on the topic of ‘Disaster management and crisis management’ to an audience of local administrators

Seminars in FY2018

Country (City) Date Overview of Seminar
Thailand 5-6 July 2018 Speakers from local governments in both Thailand and Japan shared case studies on the topic of ‘Local Education’, ‘Public Participation in the Planning Processes of Local Plans’ and ‘Environment Problems and Management’ to an audience of local administrators
Indonesia (Jakarta) 25 July 2018 Speakers from local governments in both Indonesia and Japan shared case studies on the topic of ‘Developing Local Circular Economy under the Regional Leader’ to an audience of local administrators

Local Administration Seminar Series Organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

J.CLAIR Singapore actively assists in the local administration seminar series held annually by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan in cooperation with a host country in Southeast Asia J.CLAIR Singapore coordinates the details of the seminar with the co organizer in the host country and ensures the smooth operation of the actual event.


FY Country (City) Date Themes
2019 Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) 29-30 August Local administration system etc.
2018 Vietnam (Hue) 10-11 September Urban Local Governance
2017 Vietnam (Hanoi) 14-15 September Municipality Merger, Urban Government Administration etc

Seminar on Best Practices of Japan

J.CLAIR Singapore established a new initiative entitled ‘Seminar on Best Practices of Japan’, which functions as a platform for academics as well as practitioners of local governance in the ASEAN region to understand Japan’s local administration system and the leading urban policies implemented by Japanese local governments.

Staff of J.CLAIR Singapore will participate as speakers, presenting case studies of Japanese local governance and interacting with the students during group discussions on a wide array of topics.


FY Country Venue Date
2018 Malaysia Universiti Utara Malaysia 15 May 2018
Philippines University of the Philippines Los Banos 5 November 2018
Brunei University Brunei Darussalam 1 August 2018