About Us


The Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) was established in July 1988 in response to rising concern for local-level internationalization in Japan. CLAIR was created as a joint organization of local governments to promote and provide support for local internationalization.
CLAIR’s headquarters is located in Tokyo with seven overseas offices set up in Singapore, New York, London, Paris, Seoul, Sydney and Beijing.

CLAIR Singapore was set up in October 1990 and we conducts activities in the 10 ASEAN countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam), India, and Sri Lanka.

Our Main Activities

  1. Promote local level exchange between Japan and ASEAN countries as well as India and Sri Lanka.
  2. Support Japanese local governments’ activities in ASEAN countries, India, and Sri Lanka.
  3. Conduct research on local administration and finance systems as well as the various policies in ASEAN countries, India, and Sri Lanka.
  4. Introduce Japan’s local administration and finance systems as well as its various policies to ASEAN countries, India, and Sri Lanka.

Organization Structure

CLAIR Singapore is comprised of 25 staff altogether with 19 Japanese and 6 local staff.

Japanese Staff

Executive Director 1 (Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications)
Deputy Executive Director 1 (Kyoto)
Senior Deputy Director 1 (Hyogo)
Deputy Directors 14 (Akita, Tochigi, Oyama City(Tochigi), Tokyo, Ota City(Tokyo), Nagano, Toyama, Aichi, Ichinomiya City(Aichi), Okayama, Yamaguchi, Kitakyushu City(Fukuoka), Miyazaki, Kagoshima)
Divisional Directors 2 (Nagano, Kumamoto)

Local Staff

Researchers 4
Administrator 1
Secretary 1

Staff Profile

Designation Name Dispatched from
Executive Director SAKURAI Taisuke Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications
Deputy Executive Director YAMAMOTO Takahiro Kyoto Prefecture
 Senior Deputy Director NAKAYA Taiichi Hyogo Prefecture
Deputy Director SHIMIZU Kenta Ichinomiya City
Deputy Director NAKAMURA Akito Akita Prefecture
Deputy Director SHIRAISHI Shinichi Yamaguchi Prefecture
Deputy Director FUJII Tatsuya Aichi Prefecture
Deputy Director TAZAWA Hironori Kitakyushu City
Deputy Director OZEKI Naoki Tochigi Prefecture
Deputy Director YAMADA Shuichi Tokyo Metropolis
Deputy Director KUHARA Yosuke Ota City
Deputy Director KODAMA Kenki Miyazaki Prefecture
Deputy Director NAKADA Naomi Oyama City
Deputy Director OSAWA Tomosumi Nagano Prefecture
Deputy Director ITO Shota Okayama Prefecture
Deputy Director NIIHARA Shoko Kagoshima Prefecture
Deputy Director KIMURA Kanako Toyama Prefecture
Director, Kumamoto Division YOSHIDA Hiroyuki Kumamoto Prefecture
Director, Nagano Division YUMOTO Shigeki Nagano Prefecture
Senior Researcher CHUA Hwee Teng
Senior Researcher SIAU Min Yang
Researcher HE Tingshan
Researcher KAN Michelle
Administrator UTSUMI Asumi
Secretary Jindy YOUNG