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 24.07.2015  CLAIR Singapore Newsletter Volume65
Featuring articles that Philippines-Japan Local Administration Seminar 2015,
 25.03.2015 CLAIR Singapore Newsletter Volume64
The special feature of this issue focuses on the ‘Japan-Malaysia Regional Exchange Promotion Program 2015’, which was implemented to enable Japanese local governments to explore new channels of cooperation with governmental organizations and private enterprises in Malaysia.
12.01.2015 CLAIR Singapore Newsletter Volume63
This issue highlights the efforts by Japanese local governments in learning from the best practices of ASEAN countries, as well as their endeavours in promoting local specialty products and travel destinations to the region. CLAIR Singapore’s enhancements of cooperative ties with its counterparts in the ASEAN region are also featured in this issue.
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07.08.2014 CLAIR Singapore Newsletter Volume62
Featuring articles that showcase CLAIR Singapore’s efforts in bridging ties with its local counterparts, as well as the organization’s endeavours in promoting Japan travel, including “Philippines-Japan Local Administration Seminar 2014, “CLAIR Singapore’s Participation in Travel Fairs in ASEAN and India”, as well as “Japan Spring Festival in Singapore: A display of Japanese Food, Culture and Attractions”
26.06.2014 Special Feature:
The Specialist Dispatch Project and its significance in the ASEAN region as well as India
17.04.2014 CLAIR Singapore welcomes new staff
31.03.2014 CLAIR Singapore Newsletter Volume61
Featuring articles on CLAIR’s initiatives in strengthening ties between local governments in Japan and ASEAN, including CLAIR’s “Overseas Economic Seminar in Tokyo”, “Japan-Singapore Study Program 2013”, and “Specialist Dispatch Project in Surabaya, Indonesia”.
12.02.2014 CLAIR Singapore Newsletter Volume60
In this issue, readers could gain insights to CLAIR’s activities in promoting personnel exchange between Japan and the ASEAN region as well as India, for example “Local Government Exchange and Cooperation Seminar 2013”, “Regional Exchange Promotion Program 2013 in Thailand”, and also know about Japanese local governments’ efforts in promoting their local specialty products overseas.
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