International Cooperation

Specialist Dispatch Project

One of CLAIR Singapore’s main roles is to promote constructive mutual exchange between local governments in Japan and the ASEAN region, including India. In this regard, exchange in terms of knowledge transfer has always been an emphasis in CLAIR Singapore’s programs, and the Specialist Dispatch Project implemented by CLAIR Singapore embodies this vision of further promoting knowledge exchange between local governments in Japan and the ASEAN region, as well as India.

Under the Specialist Dispatch Project, Japanese local government officials (including retirees) who have knowledge or technical skills in various fields, are dispatched to local governments in the ASEAN region and India as specialists. These specialists will contribute to improving the quality of local administration, technical expertise and human resources in the overseas local governments. The specialists’ fields of expertise include fire and disaster prevention, water supply and sewerage, social welfare, health and sanitation, local administration and many more.

Recent Successful Projects

The following is a list of projects successfully implemented by CLAIR Singapore (as at fiscal year 2013):

FY Country Area of Expertise
2017 Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) Management of Markets and Food Courts
India (Jalgaon Municipal Corporation) Water Supply and Sewage Management
Indonesia (Jogjakarta) Agriculture
Thailand (Srakathiem SAO) Japanese Language
Philippines (Vigan City) Disaster Management and Prevention
2016 Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) Social Welfare
Thailand (Saensuk Municipality) Public Health and Sanitation
Vietnam (Danang City) Japanese Language
India (Porbandar Municipality) Solid Waste Management
2015 Brunei Fire Fighting
Indonesia (Surabaya) Environment Conservation
Thailand (Sisaket) Public Health and Sanitation
Thailand (Sukhothai) Urban Planning
2014 Indonesia (Surabaya) Disaster Prevention
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) Waste Management
Thailand (Sukhothai) Tourism
Vietnam (Hanoi) Fire and Disaster Prevention
2013 Indonesia(Surabaya) Sewerage Management
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) Health and Sanitation
Brunei Fire and Disaster Prevention
Vietnam (Hanoi) Fire and Disaster Prevention
2012 Indonesia (Surabaya) Environmental Conservation
Thailand (Phitsanulok) Tourism Promotion
Indonesia (Phuket) Public health management
Thailand (Bangkok) Fire and Disaster Prevention
2011 Thailand (Phitsanulok) Public health management
Thailand (Phatthalung) Education
Brunei Agriculture and Commerce
2010 Thailand (Phitsanulok) Preservation of intangible cultural assets
Thailand (Bangkok) Fire and desaster preverntion
India Water supply and sewerage management
Brunei Agriculture and commerce
2011 Thailand Firefighting and rescue
Malaysia Health and Sanitation
Malaysia Firefighting and rescue
2008 Thailand Health and social walfare
Brunei Firefighting and rescue

Application Process

The Specialist Dispatch Project coordinated by CLAIR Singapore will be opened for application in the period between March to April every year. Local governments and related organizations in the ASEAN region as well as India that are interested to participate in the project are invited to submit their request forms to CLAIR Singapore’s official counterparts as stated below:

Country Counterpart
Malaysia Department of Local Government,Ministry of Urban Wellbeing,Housing and
Local Government
Indonesia Directorate General of General Administration,Ministry of Home Affairs
Brunei Ministry of Home Affairs
Cambodia General Department of Local Administration,Ministry of Interior
Laos Ministry of Home Affairs
Philippines Department of the Interior and Local Government,Ministry of Interior
Thailand Department of Local Administration,Ministry of Interior
Vietnam International Cooperation Department,Ministry of Home Affairs
Myanmar General Administration Department,Ministry of Home Affairs
India All India Institute of Local Self-Government (AIILSG)

Interested local governments and related organizations are advised to directly contact the above counterparts for the relevant guidelines, request forms and detailed information pertaining to the project. You can also contact CLAIR Singapore for any matters related to the project.

The application documents for fiscal year 2014 (application closed) can be accessed from the following links, should you wish to peruse the detailed information pertaining to the project:

You can also obtain more information on past projects from the following link:

The application for fiscal year 2015 will be opened between March to April 2014. CLAIR Singapore will make further announcement on the matter through this website.

Kindly contact CLAIR Singapore at TEL: +65-6224-7927, FAX: +65-6224-8376 or E-mail: you require further information about the project.

Local Government Officials Training Program (LGOTP)

As part of an effort towards enhancing international cooperation, the LGOTP is a training program catered to send overseas local government officials as trainees to local government offices in Japan. Jointly coordinated by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) and CLAIR, program participants will attend trainings and acquire relevant knowledge and skills in various fields during their stay in Japan, and are expected to play an active role in their respective fields as well as contribute to the internationalization of their local regions upon the return to their home countries.

All trainees will first undergo a 1-month introductory training period, before being posted to their individual host institutions where they begin their specialized training. The whole training program typically lasts for 6 – 10 months, during which the trainees will also be able to deepen their understanding and knowledge of the Japanese culture and traditions.

The program offers training in a wide range of fields including general administration, environment, agriculture, education, tourism, economic exchange and many others.

List of Accepted Trainees from ASEAN countries over the past years

Country No. of Trainess Total
1996-2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Thailand 45 1 1 47
Indonesia 34 1 2 2 2 2 1 44
Philippines 35 1 2 1 1 2 2 44
Vietnam 23 1 3 2 2 1 1 33
Myanmar 19 2 1 2 3 27
Malaysia 22 22
Laos 8 1 9
Cambodia 7 8
Total 193 3 7 6 8 2 8 6 233

For more details and reports on the training program, please visit: